We all need clean air, clean water, healthy soil, healthy food as well as peaceful, spacious and calm natural environment.
Many of our natural resources, such as forests and water resources, provide what we need. The health and sustainability of our nature depend upon all living creatures, large and small. Protecting the wildlife is crucial for the sustainability of our natural habitat.

As KuzeyDoğa Society, we have focused our scientific studies on the conservation of the animals which are at the top of the food pyramid. brown bears, wolves, lynxes and birds. We believe that our research will form the basis for understanding the ecosystem, since these animals are the fastest followers of climate change. The first step in protecting them and improve their living conditions is to learn about them and understand their vital needs.

Research and Tracking Predatory Carnivores

Brown bears, wolves and lynxes are at the top of the food pyramid. Their healthy existence have an impact on other living creatures in the forest. Therefore, they are very important for the health of the forest. KuzeyDoğa Society has been working to protect the biodiversity in Sarıkamış Forest since 2006. Brown bear, wolf, lynx are caught and installed a satellite tracking device to track their activities. Furthermore, We track them  with photo traps and video traps. The analysis of the data we obtained provides a scientific basis for wider conservation studies.

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The provinces of Iğdır, Kars, Ağrı and Ardahan are on the intercontinental bird migration routes. The wetlands in the region provide nutrition, rest and protection opportunities for many bird species during their migration journeys, while they are also breeding grounds for some species. With bird ringing and tracking studies, the migration routes of birds can be identified. The data obtained as an outcome of the study helps us to protect the areas of international importance.

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Our studies on plants and the wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center are among the projects we have completed.

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We aim to increase the awareness of all members of the society about nature conservation.

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We carries out studies focused on the development of nature tourism activities. We focus on bird watching and wildlife observation activities in the region

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Children’s Book Audio Description News

“We Need Each Other” Children’s Book Audio Description The children’s book “We Need Each Other”, prepared by our association, is an illustrated book containing information on natural life. In order to make this book, which was prepared for primary school students, accessible to visually impaired children, we had audio description made with the support of […]

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