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1- Predatory Carnivorous Mammals Research Project Volunteer:

You can voluntarily take part in the capture studies carried out for the tracking and monitoring of predatory carnivorous mammals at regular intervals. The most important condition to be able to apply for this volunteering activity is to have at least 15 days of voluntary participation in the bird ringing activities at Aras Bird Research and Education Center, which is another field work of our society.


2- Translation (Translation/Translation) Volunteer:

Since a significant part of our projects are realized through international collaborations, volunteer support is needed from time to time for translation. Therefore, translation support is one of the important volunteering activities in the activities of the society.


3-  Head Office Volunteer:

This activity, which includes voluntary participation in the works carried out in our office in Kars, which we use as the headquarters of the society. The volunteer mainly covers the works of organizing documents, files and data. In addition, they may help us to conduct information and survey studies in the field.


4- KuzeyDoğa Representative:

Those who actually participate in our volunteer activities undertake the promotion of the society. In this context, making presentations at schools and making promotional activities such as stands.


5- Aras Bird Research and Education Center Volunteer:

Volunteers  are given a training first. Then, they will help us to check the nets at certain times, pick up the birds caught in the net properly, put them in a cloth bag and bring them to the station as soon as possible. They may also help the measurement and ringing activities. Apart from this, daily tasks at the ringing station such as cleaning, cooking and cleaning the dishes are done jointly or in turn by volunteers. Volunteers who come during the opening or closing period of the station participate in the establishment/assembly of the nets and station equipment.


Note: The “Spring Bird Ringing Season” schedule at Aras Bird Research and Education Center are announced in February, and the “Autumn Bird Ringing Season” schedule is announced in July. Volunteer applications are accepted during February and July. Since a separate application announcement is made for each season, volunteer candidates who have applied before must apply again. The application announcement is made on the KuzeyDoğa Society website and its social media accounts.

6- Social Media Volunteer:

You can also support our society by following the social media accounts of KuzeyDoğa Society and ensuring that the posts reach more people.

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Be our Volunteer